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Amazing BullmastiffsAustralia Dog Breeders
Amazing Bullmastiffs

Where families or individuals could purchase a purebred Bullmastiff puppy that is healthy and well socialized.


Vonhellas Dobermann kennelNSW, Australia Dog Breeders
Vonhellas Dobermann kennel

Breeders of the most exclusive Kennels in Australia. We only believe and breed working Blood lines.


Doberman Von Liston kennelAustralia Dog Breeders
Von Liston kennel

Creators Of The Ultimate Guardian. At Von Liston kennels we strive to improve, create and most importantly save the heritage of the true European Doberman breed.

At Von Liston kennels we strive to Improve the Doberman breed with every mating we plan. We have planned to use the finest Doberman's available to us from all over the world.

We combine the best attributes from our lines to produce Dobermans that encompass the ultimate guardian. Our dogs are selectively bred to enhance their workability both physically and mentally, with working drive, muscle mass, strong balanced psychology, fighting spirit, bone structure, solid nerves and good health.


Orienta KennelsAustralia Dog Breeders
Orienta Kennels

Orienta Kennels is committed to produce quality Shiba Inu and Siberian Huskies. Genetic health, temperament, movement and soundness are of main concerns in our breeding. Orienta Kennels is proudly home to multi Best in Group and in Show winners.

Shiba Inu         Siberian Husky

Vom Blaksta German Shepherd DogsAustralia Dog Breeders
Vom Blaksta German Shepherd Dogs

A small hobby breeder, breeding registered working German Shepherds for Working firms, Police, Federal Governemnt, Sporting hobbies. All our dogs are DNA tested, Solid and sound temprements. We dont believe in breeding with Nervy dogs.

German Shepherd Dog

Silvagun PointersAustralia Dog Breeders

"Striving For Quality"

Silvagun est 1972. Breeder of Multiple Aust Grand Champions also have bred Multi BEST IN SHOW winners. Our aim is to continue producing quality Pointers, True to Type, with the Elegance to win in the shows. Carefully Bred Puppies occasionally available for show, field work or companions.


Hamiltonstovare In AustraliaAustralia Dog Breeders
Hamiltonstovare In Australia

Australia's primary point of contact for Hamiltonstovare enquiries.

Our 2 imported "Kilcavan" Hamiltonstovare (now Australian Champions) were the foundation of this breed here in Australia (along with Aust Grand Champion Heartsease First at Foxrhode) and we couldn't be more proud of our beginnings.


Boxers Kennel AffengielAustralia Dog Breeders
Affengiel Kennels

Breeders and exhibitors of Boxers in Australia. Breeding Bobtail Boxers and Natural tails.


Standard Poodles & Greyhounds Kirada LodgeAustralia Dog Breeders
Kirada Lodge
Standard Poodles & Greyhounds

Standard Poodles and Greyhounds Australia Breeder of pedigree Standard Poodles for show, performance or companionship. Exhibitor of the Greyhound.

Standard Poodle         Greyhound

Takas Çoban Köpegi and Central Asian OvcharkaAustralia Dog Breeders
TAKAS Çoban Köpegi
and Central Asian Ovcharka

Preserving the Archetypal flock guard. Stable, adaptable and capable Çoban Köpegi, Central Asian Ovcharka. Bred to work and excel in the Australian environment.

We aim to produce CAOs that remain true to their historical origins, preserving their unique livestock guardian characteristics, physical soundness and capabilities.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog         Central Asian Shepherd

Jordyalan Border ColliesAustralia Dog Breeders
Jordyalan Border Collies

Breeders of beautiful Border Collies in Australia. We are a small kennel who strives to breed quality type and temperament in our puppies. See our web-site for wonderful photo's of our dogs and puppies.

Border Collie

Ozdezign English Springer SpanielsAustralia Dog Breeders
OZDEZIGN English Springer Spaniels

ANKC(CCCQ) reg'd breeder and exhibitor of quality English Springer Spaniels. AUSTRALIA. Specialing in quality Black & Whites.

English Springer Spaniel

Itacor Guardian of The FutureAustralia Dog Breeders

Founders, pioneers, breeders, exhibitors, trainers and enthusiast to have the breed recognised and approved throughout Australasia in 2003. A sort after kennel recognised globally. Imported Italian bloodlines, health, sound, quality puppies and stud available to approved applicants only.

Italian Cane Corso

Falkewind KennelsAustralia Dog Breeders
Falkewind Kennels

Breeders of quality German Shepherd Dogs in the ACT Australia. Breeding for soundness, temperament, beauty and brains.

German Shepherd Dog

Delaforce Kennels German Shepherd DogsSouth Australia Dog Breeders
Delaforce Kennels
German Shepherd Dogs - South Australia

A small select kennel striving to producing quality German Shepherds of corrext type and sound temperament for loving responsible owners. Breeders exhibitors of Australian Champions both conformation & obedience, In Group & In Show winners as well as Multi Excellent graded conformation and obedience animals.

QUALITY ALL ROUND GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS; Champions in conformation and obedience; Excellents in conformation and obedience.

German Shepherd Dog

Hyborn PointersNew Zealand Dog Breeders
Hyborn Pointers

Hyborn Pointers is located in the central North Island, New Zealand. We have been loving and breeding Pointers since 1996. Our original interest was showing but we have also gone on to be successful in the field.

Our breeding program focuses on maintaining the dual-purpose qualities of the Pointer. We believe that we are custodians of the breed and aim to do our best to ensure its future.


Acewild & Trupoint German Shorthaired Pointer KennelsTasmania & Victoria/Australia Dog Breeders
German Shorthaired Pointer Kennels

German Shorthaired Pointers in Tasmania & Victoria, Australia. Bred for 'Type and Soundness' GSP's that can be in the Field one day.. the Show ring the next.. and Loungelizards Always at home.

GSP's with Brains that know how to use them. Email to be put on the list for Puppies... our puppies only go to Exceptional homes ...

German Shorthaired Pointer

Arista Pointers Australia & New ZealandAustralia & New Zealand Dog Breeders
Arista Pointers
Australia & New Zealand

Over 100 CHAMPION ARISTA Pointers - located in Australia & New Zealand - Over 30 years Astute line breeding.

The Pointers of Arista TYPE-QUALITY-STYLE-TEMPERAMENT Special attention given to breed sound stylish Pointers and to preserve the good looks but not at any time to lessen the working ability and character a true Pointer must possess - elegant Pointers which can win in Show & in Field. Enquries Welcome


Tukeglen PointersAustralia Dog Breeders
Tukeglen Pointers

Tukeglen Pointers. Established in 1973. Breeder of multiple Best In Show winners world wide. Our lines contain Crookrise, Bee Serious, Arista just to name a few.


Palana KennelsAustralia Dog Breeders
Palana Kennels

This is a show kennel that was established in 1986 by Robert, Betty and Yvonne Griffin, initially under the highly successful prefix Kimberwalli. In 1999 we changed our prefix to Palana and then in approximately 2002 we added American Cocker Spaniels to our kennel. Our kennel has produced many Australian Champions and 2 Malaysian Champions with our Miniature Pinschers and now we can happily report our home bred American Cocker is a Best In Group winner!

We will continue to strive to produce the best dogs possible, that are as true to breed type, size, temperament and soundness that we can, by using the best dogs available to us.

American Cocker Spaniel         Miniature Pinscher

Chamshep Belgian Shepherds and Silky Terriers Australia Dog Breeders
Belgians and Aust Silky Terriers

Breeders of quality dogs - Belgian Shepherds - SPECIALISING IN MALINIOS AND LAEKENOIS and Aust Silky Terriers. Generations of show champions/endurance titled/Lure Coursing champions/fantastic family companions. Our dogs take part in a wide variety of activities within the dog world. Home to In Group/In Show winning dogs.

Belgian Shepherd         Belgian Laekenois         Belgian Malinois         Silky Terrier