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Itacor Guardian of The FutureAustralia Dog Breeds

Founders, pioneers, breeders, exhibitors, trainers and enthusiast to have the breed recognised and approved throughout Australasia in 2003. A sort after kennel recognised globally. Imported Italian bloodlines, health, sound, quality puppies and stud available to approved applicants only.

Bella Rosa Cane Corsos Oregon Dog Breeders
Bella Rosa Cane Corsos

Breeders Of Champion Cane Corso Italianos. Intelligence, balance, beauty and courage are the hallmarks of the Cane Corso. At Bella Rosa, we are dedicated to preserving the fine qualities of this most noble breed!

OUR PHILOSOPHY - We believe the Cane Corso is being indiscriminately bred by those who either want to make a fast buck, or who simply don't know any better. The results of such breeding can be devastating, to both dogs and their human companions.

At Bella Rosa, we are committed to making a difference in the future of our breed. And while it is true that health and conformation are critical elements, we believe that temperament MUST be of primary importance in a dog with the strength and intelligence of the Cane Corso.

Make no mistake! These dogs are high caliber and definitely not for everyone. They require a strong commitment to training and socialization, in order to bring them to their full potential. Provided that commitment is kept, the well bred and well trained Cane Corso can do just about anything! Just ask him!

Silver Mountain's Chihuahuas & Cane CorsosIowa Dog Breeders
Silver Mountain's
Chihuahuas & Cane Corsos

I am a small hobby breeder striving to produce show quality pups. AKC registered. Burgundy bloodlines.

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