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Central Valley HoundsCalifornia Dog Breeds
Central Valley Hounds

Here at central Valley Hounds We strive to produce top notch Hounds, With a wide variety of Breeds I try to cover all Aspects of hunting and family life.So when a pup is baught from us you will know you will be getting Quality I look foward to hearing from you sicierly. James

Redbone Coonhound         Majestic Tree Hound

Kat Creek KennelsLamar CO, USA Dog Breeds
Kat Creek Kennels

Kat Creek Kennels is our ranch and home where we raise a variety of different dogs for different reasons, none of which are mass production. We do have Rat Terriers, Blue Tick Coonhounds, Matthes Lionhounds, Hangin' Tree Cowdogs, and American Bulldogs.

Most of these are used for something special, whether thats gathering cattle or babysitting the kids, and litters are planned to share them with others. Contact us to see whats availlable, planned, or possible. Our website usually lists new developments.

American Bulldog         Hangin' Tree Cowdog         Matthes Lionhound         Rat Terrier

Avey BlueticksMissouri Dog Breeds
Avey Blueticks

We are a small hobby breeder. We breed only champion bloodline Bluetick Coonhounds. Our dogs are farm bred, raised, and hunted. The puppies are natural born tree dogs.

Our animals are well-socialized, happy and healthy. Feel free to visit our site and see what we have available.
We also offer two males for stud service.