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Alaturka Anatolians - Established 1987Florida Dog Breeds
Alaturka Anatolians - Established 1987

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs ... Ancient Turkish Livestock Guardian helping mankind for thousands of years. We are dedicated to preserving the guardian instincts, sound structures, correct type and wonderful temperament that have characterized this breed since ancient days.

All sires/dams are OFA Good/Excellent and are cleared for genetic defects. Pups come with first shots, dewormed, health guarantee, written contract and lifetime breeder support. All applicants for an Alaturka puppy will be screened carefully. Quality pups from Quality Dogs!! CODE OF ETHICS BREEDERS!!

Takas Çoban Köpegi and Central Asian OvcharkaAustralia Dog Breeds
TAKAS Çoban Köpegi
and Central Asian Ovcharka

Preserving the Archetypal flock guard. Stable, adaptable and capable Çoban Köpegi, Central Asian Ovcharka. Bred to work and excel in the Australian environment.

We aim to produce CAOs that remain true to their historical origins, preserving their unique livestock guardian characteristics, physical soundness and capabilities.

Central Asian Shepherd